Art is way different, America is WAY different, money is getting there and pets are way different too



Well if there’s one thing that we over here at Art is Way Different have learned over the past few weeks it’s that, well, art is way different. We’ve driven many hundreds of miles across the great and sad United States of America; we’ve counted far too many adult superstores, churches, novelty museums, and billboards advertising both the rights of the unborn and topless girl lunch specials along the way; we’ve pulled into rest stops in the immense hills of western Pennsylvania in the pouring rain only to have alternators fail completely and push our Nissan Pulsars to the gas tanks while we waited patiently for Pennsylvania Emergency Roadside Assitance to arrive; we’ve spent unexpected nights at the Travelodge in Bedford, PA on a special “stranded traveler” discount; we’ve eaten several dudes’ worth of varying forms of meat and potatoes while in Bedford; we’ve created subtitles for German voice-overs in videos we’ve made while sitting patiently in Travelodges in the terrible and overwhelming state of Pennsylvania; we’ve installed major projects in the excellent Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelpha and spent time eating non-meat and potatoes with many excellent peeps (don’t get us wrong, there were some pretty good meat foods in there but admittedly we needed a break); we’ve met lots of wonderful new art peeps and hung out with old friends who are changing the world of finance and the role of women in the world of finance, and, well, maybe the role of women in the world in general (oh and lest we forget what some (ehem) might argue was her equally important role--saving the Pulsar from being towed, thank you); we’ve had good times on the city of bro love where we wish we could spend some more time; and we’ve learned where and when to walk our pets and where and when not to walk our pets, and thank goodness because someone had to tell us, right? Pets need exercise too. 

 And now we’re on to part two. More miles, more stretches of American distance, fewer alternators (thank heavens); more subtitles, more states ending in “a,” with towns that have a population less than 1000; fewer roadside assistances (so far), more projects, some building of walls, floors, foundations et al. at the excellent Art Farm residency program, and a continued sense of delight with the fact that everyday, well, art is way different. Or at least the way we see it. To quote Future Islands, “One step takes me home/Two steps back on my own/Three skips to each stone/Four steps back and I’m gone”



It has been non-stop here at artiswaydifferent. But in the best way. Things are starting to congeal. And there were two big shoots yesterday with characters for the projections and video.

What started with a Nissan Pulsar NX now extends well beyond the confines of the car to the car’s manual and a world that has taken shape around the idea of the manual. “Passenger” is a large-scale installation dealing with how we construct language and fiction and the apparently real and imaginary spaces we travel through doing so. It is about what happens when language evades us and it is about how we maneuver through both not-knowing and the obstacle of pre-determined orders.

Here are a couple still shots from what’s to come. “Fehlerdiagnose” (fault diagnosis) and “The Soothsayer.”

Sometimes it just takes Antonioni AND a lunar eclipse

ImageImage Sometimes things get resolved quickly. Sometimes things really don’t. Sometimes things just take, well, you know, an exorbitantly long time. Sometimes though, things just take watching Antonioni’s Red Desert (1964) AND staying up until the wee hours of the morning to document a full lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon. Sometimes that’s just when everything comes together. Remember that part when Giuliana asks if the ship takes passengers? Yeah; exactly.

These are some video stills collaged together that artiswaydifferent took of the lunar eclipse while taking a break from Red Desert.  Or we watched Red Desert while taking a break from the Lunar Eclipse. Or was there ever anything in-between?


20140415-120006.jpgSome exciting things happening over here in the print lab. The new manual is coming to life. T-minus two weeks until the Philadelphia show. Every space needs to be rewritten. We here at artiswaydifferent are pretty excited to transform Vox Populi gallery on May 2



Hard to believe there is snow in mid-April but alas after 84 degrees on Saturday we here at artiswaydifferent experienced a pretty chilly Sunday. No matter. Outdoor studio plans and work on the car were postponed until warmer temperatures and sunnier skies in coming days. We worked indoors on various analogue and digital components. Melting snow is no match for the car's new diagrammatic skin!!