Pulsar haps

Sometimes it just takes Antonioni AND a lunar eclipse

ImageImage Sometimes things get resolved quickly. Sometimes things really don’t. Sometimes things just take, well, you know, an exorbitantly long time. Sometimes though, things just take watching Antonioni’s Red Desert (1964) AND staying up until the wee hours of the morning to document a full lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon. Sometimes that’s just when everything comes together. Remember that part when Giuliana asks if the ship takes passengers? Yeah; exactly.

These are some video stills collaged together that artiswaydifferent took of the lunar eclipse while taking a break from Red Desert.  Or we watched Red Desert while taking a break from the Lunar Eclipse. Or was there ever anything in-between?


20140415-120006.jpgSome exciting things happening over here in the print lab. The new manual is coming to life. T-minus two weeks until the Philadelphia show. Every space needs to be rewritten. We here at artiswaydifferent are pretty excited to transform Vox Populi gallery on May 2



Hard to believe there is snow in mid-April but alas after 84 degrees on Saturday we here at artiswaydifferent experienced a pretty chilly Sunday. No matter. Outdoor studio plans and work on the car were postponed until warmer temperatures and sunnier skies in coming days. We worked indoors on various analogue and digital components. Melting snow is no match for the car's new diagrammatic skin!!