"Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis" (2014): a five-night multimedia event that follows the story of a stranded passenger, his car, and its repair manual. Comprised of performance, video projections, an audio narrative in the form of an app, and a 1985 Nissan Pulsar NX among other things, "Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis" deals with what happens when the things we think we know so well break down and fail us. Each night, viewers enter a different "chapter" of the story as the car moves from one parking spot to the next at slightly different locations on the street. Nightly audio narratives accessed via an iPhone app describe performances happening before their eyes and things that may or may not have happened as they witness the car and passenger through various stages of repair and disrepair. The word “Fehlerdiagnose” is German for “fault diagnosis,” the self-servicing diagnostic sections of most car-owner manuals that present allegedly “simple” repair operations. Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis on the other hand is as much about “un-fixing” as it is about fixing, about releasing what we do not see, what occurs in the voids and gaps. Performers and collaborators include violinist Rebecca Fischer of the Chiara String Quartet, artists Andrew Prieto, Frank Tribble, and Tony Oursler. The first performance of the piece took place July 14-18th, 2014 on the streets of Long Island City and at Glasshouse Project Brooklyn, NY.  Below you can access documentation, nightly audio, and projections from each evening. 



Night One   "Stranded: The Passenger"

Night One Performance Clip

Night Two   "Spirit Cooking: The Mechanic"

Night Two Performance clip

Night Two Performance clip (violin)

Night Three    "Post Op: The Ghostesses"

Night Three projection (red loop)

Night Four   "Your Instructions: The Guides"

Night Five  "Frequencies and Noise: The Pulsars"

The App  (access app here; then go to the "discover guides" section to find FD)