Fault Diagnosis presented by CounterCurrent16 in partnership with The Menil Collection, and Aurora Picture Show


Fault Diagnosis is a five-night multidisciplinary performance event that follows the story of a stranded passenger and his car. Guided by an app that is GPS triggered, audiences come upon a broken down 1985 Nissan Pulsar NX in a different part of the city each night. They become witnesses as the car and passenger pass through various stages of repair and disrepair. Fault Diagnosis explores the way we behave when what we expect to work fails us. The self-servicing diagnostic sections of most car-owner manuals present allegedly “simple” repair operations. Fault Diagnosis, on the other hand, is as much about unfixing as it is about fixing, about releasing what we do not see, what occurs in the voids and gaps. Performers include artist Andrew Prieto, violinist Rebecca Fischer, and audio by Tony Oursler. 

Below you will find performance/installation stills from the five nights

(all images courtesy  dabfoto creative for University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts)

Night 1--Stranded: The Passenger

Night 2--Spirit-Cooking: The Mechanic

Night 3--Post-Op: The Ghostesses

Night 4--Your Instructions: The Guides

Night 5--Frequencies and Noise: The Pulsars