Massive Filter 

Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, Malta Dec 16-Jan 17

Massive Filter takes its title and primary concept from a spam/junk email scam offering money and goods in exchange for personal data and digits. Emails of this sort play sharply upon our desire for another life, promising exclusive access to rare deals or love. But at what cost? They guarantee access to one story by denying us our own. A “massive filter” (or a filter of any kind) erases certain details by allowing us to see others. Taking this as its point of departure, the installation creates an environment exploring the idea of what gets lost, forgotten and what we try to hold on to.  

In the exhibition, large double-sided drawings hang through the space like giant pages of a scrapbook. These surfaces collect gestures, fragmented stories, outdated technologies and more. Videos in English and Maltese fill the cavernous rooms. Meanwhile, figures reminiscent of the Neolithic "fat lady" statuettes roam throughout the exhibition acting as custodians or caretakers of all this information and data.