"Passenger," Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2014

Comprised of drawings, paintings, projections, prints, a repair manual, and a transformed 1985 Nissan Pulsar NX among other things, “Passenger” is a large-scale installation dealing with how we construct language and fiction and the apparently real and imaginary spaces we travel through doing so. It is about what happens when language evades us and it is about how we maneuver through both not knowing and the obstacle of pre-determined orders. Taking the 1985 Nissan Pulsar NX and its repair manual as its point of departure, “Passenger” uses the schematic of the manual and diagram to create a new sort of guide. Things are things and things are what they are. But things are also full of different histories—their own, ours, no one’s, future, forgotten—and are never just what they are.