"Rerites," Dolphin Gallery, Kansas City, MO, 2012

 “Rerites,” is a mixed media installation that examines the play between correction, discovery and erasure. The work takes its cue from a line in Lewis and Clark’s Journals: “I am much engaged reriting” and considers what it means to rewrite and “re-rite." Obviously, the word refers to the entries Clark kept during their journey, but it also seems to make reference to Lewis and Clark’s broader culture venture—recording, cataloguing, acculturating, writing over space and “riteing” over tradition. Read this way, Rerites” responds to this hasty erasure, destruction, and ordering with an environment of a very different sort: a place of potential actions, arrangements, and aftermaths. Nothing is meant to be lost. Everything is meant to be used. Gathering, collecting, remixing, redoing, “Rerites” creates an all-encompassing environment that is at once an invitation and a refusal--an invitation to arrange, rearrange, and recalibrate space and a refusal to instruct in any conventional fashion.